Sunday, February 20, 2011

where is the exit?

we are very intrigued by the things happening in the world. we see people moved to protest. we know that there are wicked and greedy people who have been moved by perhaps some mixture of good and bad motives to work with some other people on the payroll to help the protests along. fine. so be it. that's the way it's done. however, we see that there are a lot more than just these people involved. what about the other people? are they all stupid? would it be perhaps racist to consider that all these other people involved have either 1) ulterior motives or 2) are not intelligent enough to comprehend that they are being used? we think it is. we don't think it is for us to judge what other people in other countries feel like. we have a hard enough time dealing with our own feelings for our own country and our own so called leaders. we can apply our own knowledge to any number of situations, but when it comes right down to it, people have free will and we all need to respect the free will of our fellow human beings.

it is OUR belief that humans were designed to cooperate with each other, and that they will cooperate absent provocations to the contrary. in some cases, human beings may decide to cooperate DESPITE the provocations. we think that displays humanity at it's finest. we think the NWO people can stick it up their asses.

what is the way forward? damned if we know. we see that no matter what happens, someone is ready to drive a stake through the heart of it as though it's the Vampire Fucking Lestat. or maybe Louis.

right. both tasty, particularly Louis. but hey, you will live to regret letting them suck your neck. right, RIGHT? 

ok fine. what is the fucking answer? how does one get out of this trap, exactly? if one cooperates with one's fellow human beings, one is a dupe and folding into the plans of the NWO. if one does not cooperate one is heroically stoic but in the end, as useless as a martyr. is it for another generation? we honestly don't know. we hope not. we know that we are tired. we PRESUME other people are tired also, tired of bullshit. we presume that some portion of these people can work together and overcome the mental mindfucks put in their path. we are not looking to drop this in the lap of our beloved children, in all seriousness. we did not bring them into the world to leave them a world of shit and prance off all 'oh sorry couldn't get to that sweetie but you'll be fine just... you know.... just....oh i don't know you'll figure it out! LOVE YOU! ..... bye!"

so, is it ridiculous to think that there's a way out? we certainly don't know. we tend not to say too much. actually we take that back. we DO tend to say too much. we tend to say things at family parties that make other family members suddenly change the subject. we tend to say things like "my children will join the military over my dead body" to people who have loved ones in the military. no offense, but we are just not down with the leadership. we get the gesture and the general good intentions. we are just pretty clear that we don't think it's a good idea to put one's life in service of fucking psychopaths. again, no offense if you feel differently. it's just that when we saw donny rumsfeld lying on teevee to candy corn on CNN this morning, about how if Osama were caught he would to go Guantanamo, and donny would definitely not visit him there because he has caused so much suffering in the world, damn straight, we were sure of it. i mean Jesus God. we still find it quite amazing how CONVINCED some of these people are of their own stories, after all these years, and how well they play the part, and how diligently the media tools interview them. it is enough to make one want to vomit in a bucket. but HEY, who are we to judge? this is an opinion blog after all. WE COULD BE WRONG.

so we don't know what the answer might be. we don't know if Arabs who lived under various US puppet governments might be pissed off enough to join the US led tools who start US led revolutions in their puppified nations. we don't know what to tell them. maybe they think their government is aOK. hey there are a lot of people who still think GWB is the cat's pajamas, and Obama shits cupcakes, and Ronnie Reagan is the fucking best thing evah. whatever. whatever floats your boat. we guess one can always find some people to play along with whatever tune comes out of the Mighty Wurlizter. but what is the TRUTH of the matter? we don't know. we just don't know. we spend a lot of time trying to discern that very thing.

we only know that human beings were made to cooperate with each other. and that the NWO mind fuckers took that good quality and turned it into something bad. they made it so that the desire to cooperate became part of their plan for a one world government. they get their rocks off on that sort of thing: taking a good intention and twisting it into something deadly. this is porn to them. you want to cooperate? hahaha, good we will turn that into a bad thing. you want to work together? hahaha, we will make you work for us. et cetera. they try to turn everything into a win win for them. that is their special skill.

where does that leave us? what are we supposed to do? do nothing?

they win.


they win.

they win.


they win.

don't organize?

they win.

what is the answer? we think it comes down to intention. we think it comes down to the battle that is waged in the space just out of reach of our physical existence. we think we have to believe in each other, or else these fuckers will turn every no win situation into a win win, and we think that is bullshit, and we are not down with that. 

there's got to be a way out, and it might take some brave humans to find it. and maybe if we just hold our breath and suck it in and conquer our fear of dying, we can find it. ok?

don't you remember The Poseidon Adventure?

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

a good cause

how does it work then?
is it more patriotic to bury your head in the sand
and not learn the truth

and send young people off to die
and to kill other young people,
and women and children and old people,
who are already poor and trying to survive
in bombed out countries formerly destroyed by other soldiers

for a bunch of lies
and to line the pockets of organized criminals?

but are you still a patriot
if you then cry bitter tears over the flag-draped coffins
no matter how much truth you managed to ignore
while they were still alive?

is that patriotism?

or is it patriotism to learn the truth
and open you mouth and say:
this is evil.

unless you don't think it's evil to kill
for the survival of organized crime?
then maybe you're a racist?
no of course not.

but what if the wars are really not for a good cause?
did you ever think of that?

or is it just
that do you can't handle the truth,
to quote a Hollywood movie star
as he glorified this very evil
for the enshrined American mythology?

Thursday, July 22, 2010


so i haven't ranted in a while but for crying out loud, what the fuck with this shirley sherrod thing? every flipping time i check google news it's the top story and this is days on end and i can't even bring myself to read ANY of it because hey, the gulf of mexico is being destroyed along with all sort of other catastrophes brewing in every corner of the world. and yet we are to obsess over this one woman's job? top story? day after day? five thousand fucking stories and it's time to call glenn beck? really?

go for it. call glenn.

sorry i would say more but honest to God, what is there to say? there is no way whatever is going in is more important than all the other things that are going on, so this is obviously some sort of bait to get as many people roped into a giant distraction as possible and that could mean that something is about to go down.

i had to add the picture. it just PROVES that your life is a joke to these people.
what is that the bat phone? get smart?
i know that fucking phone was in some sitcom.,2933,597444,00.html

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

winning the patsy lottery

so this guy faisal shahzad and his whole terrorist schtick looks staged to me. he spent five months in training in pakistan and this is what he comes up with? whoever sponsored his training must be pretty annoyed, oh wait...maybe not. you know what i think it all worked out really great for some people actually so let's think about this for a minute. who looks bad? pakistan, dubai, immigrants, muslims. who looks good? pretty much every authority in NYC plus some of the authorities in DC, and anyone who is anti- pakistan, dubai, immigrants, muslims. and who has been very very busy little bees hmmm? all the news people and their talking head buddies. speaking of which, i thought saxby chambliss maybe let something slip yesterday on CNN:

CHAMBLISS: Those are still questions that are out there John that haven't been answered yet. Just finding the guy was a major accomplishment, number one, finding him in the time frame that they did. Unfortunately, we have hundreds of -- excuse me -- thousands and thousands of individuals who come and go to Pakistan every year. We had last year about 10,000 Pakistanis who were naturalized in America. (

hundreds of WHAT saxby? it wasn't hundreds it was thousands and thousands so what were you going to say there hundreds of what? hundreds of potential patsies that our intelligence agencies keep in reserve for that special phone call? each one waiting to hit the terrorist patsy lottery and be selected to be the latest fake terrorist in the long running fake war on terror, and to have his or her staged photos

looking down at the camera with a penetrating gaze

or looking out from a car with ray ban's and an earpiece

plastered all over teevee for the world to see? to be the one to fuck up a fake terrorist incident as instructed like patsy underpants and leave sloppy clues everywhere like house keys in the car and fertilizer in the garage and cash transactions for airline tickets? five months of terrorist training for this? it makes one wonder how these terrorists have managed to elude capture for so long if this is the quality of their training. here they are supposedly the most blood-thirsty killer terrorists on the planet able to detonate tremendous killer bombs in cities of pakistan and iraq no trouble, coordinated bombs that kill dozens and dozens of people in one whack and wound hundreds, and yet they send bone-headed flunkies like faisal to NYC? i mean c'mon they must not be all that serious about killing americans or they would send the crews that do such a great job killing people in the middle east like this beautiful tiny girl.

please don't get me wrong because i'm glad no americans have to do this today but at the same time as a human being i can't help feel that it would be much better if the pakistanis and afghans and iraqis and palestinians didn't have to wash their children's corpses either, that's all i'm saying. so this guy faisal is obviously not the same caliber terrorist, lucky for us huh? and i don't know who those much more efficient terrorists are but we have a lot of people over there so maybe they could find out and you know if they can't figure it out after all this time wink wink maybe they should come the fuck home and forget about it already.
i mean let's get real faisal was never meant to explode the bomb he was never meant to get away it's all just conditioning and justification for the next stage in the plans which is no doubt to sweep up the last few civil rights and kill more pakistanis and with any luck some iranians.

do you think anyone on teevee will notice that it all looks staged? oh no it would be rude to notice something like that. instead here we go with the lickety-split capture and confession and this very conveniently feeds into other narratives like weapons of mass destruction and maybe a little immigration reform while simultaneously distracting people from that BP oil mess down in the gulf which actually they might try to wriggle off the hook for now that you mention it and whatever other things our masters would rather we not pay attention to, like for instance goldman sachs taking down the various economies of the world including dubai by the way and greece and hey last but not least, the USA. phew good thing israel is expected to weather all these economic crises without much trouble. yeah i don't know about you but the first thing i always worry about being an upstanding american is whether the jews are doing ok, you know? poor things. so hey, anyway, eric holder never had any fear of losing the guy wink wink wink. i guess we were never in any danger capice? get the make-up people and the hair people in here because we are ready for our close-ups.

Friday, April 2, 2010

guerrilla warfare

you know the media desensitizes people to violence and sex they flood us with their shit messages, but the one thing they don't like people to know about or talk about is the pedophilia. unless of course we're talking about the catholic church variety, then it's ok because the game gets down to the wire now and some of the big players need to be taken out. that explains why journalists will do such a good job all of a sudden despite all the many things they've managed to overlook in the past which has resulted in untold death and destruction, but now they will start asking questions and digging around like wild pigs rooting for truffles.

but they won't touch things like Drasius Kreys. no no no, please do not go there. he's the guy whose little four year old daughter told him that nasty men did things to her with their big sysalai. this happened many times because the men gave the little girl's mother money, and this greedy 'see you next tuesday' cared more about money than protecting her little daughter's dignity and body and soul and psyche and integrity and innocence. so she let these men sexually assault her little girl. repeatedly. and when the little girl told her father, he must have been struggling to wrap his brain around it, can you imagine? so he writes that he will never forget when his four-year old daughter said, while telling his poor gobsmacked self, about their sysalai that smelled like shit and dripping out cream all over her: “are you a baby, daddy? you do not understand anything?”

you know, there's no human being worth a damn who doesn't get this. the outrage of this. the fucking outrage. the violation. the theft of something precious that cannot be replaced. the crime against innocence that can never be repaid, that a four year old child might chide her father for naivete. because she's already used to being treated like a whore.

it makes something snap inside.

so after trying to get some justice through the so-called justice system, which never happened of course because one of the big sysalais belonged to a judge and another big sysalai belonged to an important politician, Drasius Kreys shot the fuckers dead. and NOW lo and behold the justice system kicks into overdrive to get the pedophile killer. unleash the hounds of hell.

but you know, that thing that snapped inside Drasius Kreys, all normal people have that same brittle thing inside, for their children, for all children. that thing that bends with amazing flexibility and devotion in the direction of our children, but it does not bend the other way. it will snap the second someone harms a child, your child, any child. it's like a butterfly bolt. it goes in the wall and then it opens on springs. you can't get it out without damaging the wall. the harm to children reverberates in the space that connects the society of normal people. it rips a hole in that divine space of creativity, of spirit, of love that normal people all share in their natural empathy which the media constantly tries to beat out of us with their steady stream of desensitizing violence and porn. and it hurts. you don't have to know the people to feel their pain you can imagine it you can empathize, you understand. words are not necessary when you can feel these things, and it's normal to feel these things. it's universal. it's totally normal to want to rip somebody's jugular out with your bare hands if they hurt a child. that's normal. people don't need to apologize for those feelings, those raw instincts. it helps us survive. even wild animals like elephants instinctively put their young in the middle of a circle when predators approach. so what is to apologize for? are we not also created with everything necessary for survival, plus more? damn straight. we're supposed to be this way, we were made this way and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

and this is how Drasius Kreys has managed to go into hiding, because the society of normal people are in solidarity about certain things. like pedophiles. the society of normal people have solidarity about pedophiles. we hate them with the heat of the sun. even prisoners consider pedophiles the lowest scum on earth. normal people don't need to think it over it goes without saying. words are not needed because we communicate in that other space where things are simply understood things like right and wrong, and people understand that you keep your fucking sysalais and your filthy hands and cameras and minds away from little children at all times. guess what you want to start making excuses guess what? the second you come up with one single excuse you have just outed yourself from the society of normal people. it's that simple.

so these fuckwits do actually show up and start making excuses. they can't help themselves because they're like arsonists who have to return to the fire, they get off on it, so when we normal people start talking about these crimes getting all hopped up they just have to come around and say some stupid things like it's the parent's fault or the child's fault or let's be reasonable or some such fuckwittery. and all the normal people are like wtf are you talking about you fucking fuckwit?

all those little red flags thrown down on the field, all the asinine remarks they make explaining away the indefensible. make a mental note of those.

you see, they think they have this advantage because they don't get all tripped up on feelings like we do so they think they can intellectualize matters and out think the society of normal people, especially if they jump in real quick and start the misdirection right away. they know we have feelings and they know they need to express some feelings to blend in, but the only thing they have remotely similar to feelings are their selfish instincts for self-preservation, and that's why whatever they manage to say will be off somehow, and you might not always be able to put your finger on what exactly they're up to but you know that you're not on the same page. that's because for them it really is just a bloodless two dimensional page and feelings are just words. and for normal people feelings like i will rip your jugular out with my bare hands or i will shoot you in the balls twice before i give you one in the head if you touch that child, are very much real. so we're in 3D and they are in 2D. they do not know their way around the 3D world where things don't need to be verbalized. it's all theoretical, mathematical, game theory bullshit for them. they have no shame they have no sense of decorum they have no sense of how rude and obnoxious they are even when you tell them they can't hear you blah blah blah they can only hear the sound of their own voice it sounds so mellifluous like a tinkling stream through the fantasy forest where they are good and anything they do must be allowed simply because they want to do it. they don't speak the language of feelings and this is how you can spot them, when they're drawn to the scene of the crime and can't shut their mouths because they're playing a game and it's called let's fuck with these people and get out of jail free.

so you let them talk let them make their excuses for things that have no excuses. normal people can communicate otherwise we don't have to speak what we know about right and wrong, that's the beauty of the society of normal people. we can be in silence and remain in solidarity. that is our advantage. we exist on terrain they don't understand how to navigate, the real forest where you better keep your wits and wear boots. the advantage belongs to us, the people who speak the language of love, because we can communicate without words. you just remember that when you shake your head in disgust you are not alone. we share something basic and primary and instinctual, and it's good, and they don't have it. and they can't fake it.

watch them try. they are pathetic.

draw them out to our terrain. stand on the far ridge of feelings and call them over. they'll twist their fucking ankles for sure because they don't actually know anything about reality. they don't live in reality, they live in a 2D game theory pseudo-world and they cannot survive if we call them out. nor can they resist trying because they are possessed with such ideas of grandiosity and spite and disdain for human beings that they just *have* to come over there and bitch slap you you stupid fucking human for having the nerve to make them come all the way over here just to straighten you out.

the time has come to stop apologizing for being human beings. whatever kind of eugenics or elitist bullshit experiment they have going on, the people who thrive on this culture of death and violence and pornography, they are the inferior species. sub-human. they have no feelings, no empathy, which they prove by their actions and confirm with their vile excuses. they lack something they know they lack it and they don't want *you* to know they lack it. that's the gig. their only advantage is their devotion to keeping their weakness secret and you don't have to cooperate by being gullible. really. they are defective they overcompensate with their intellectual bullshit but they can't fake the feelings they always make mistakes and you must notice the red flags when they do.

the human instincts for survival and for selflessness are not concepts at odds. we will protect the weak and vulnerable, no questions asked. it does not need to be explained because it is unspoken, written into our DNA. they can only try to convince us that we don't have these instincts or that they are wrong, but in doing that they expose themselves.

this is a guerrilla war.
we are the guerrillas.
our terrain is the emotional world.
our language is love.

they don't know our terrain.
they don't speak our language.
and we greatly outnumber them.

draw them out and pick them off.
your weapon is the truth.
use it.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

not zero

yesterday this story broke about some pedophile in delaware, a pediatrician, and he's getting charged with raping over a hundred children -- so far. the police investigated him before in 2005 and despite the fact that parents and colleagues expressed concerns about this doctor "for years" the police somehow did not discover anything substantive in the 2005 investigation so he went on to rape who knows how many other children in the meanwhile. and they found tapes of him abusing his child victims, hundreds of tapes, going back a decade.

and someone right away jumps in to blame the victims, the "red-neck" parents, specifically the "back-water, red-necked, inbred behavior one readily finds there is the greater tragedy here....this backwards culture must be eradicated and parents have no one but themselves to blame...what a failure of parenting on a societal level." all this frankly racist vitriol because the parents did not accompany their children into the examining rooms and because the children never said anything until a little two year old, no doubt too small to have followed the monster's threats, finally told her mum. the fact is for all this blaming the victim diversionary bullshit we don't know what this monster said to the parents or how he threatened the children. i'm sure he had a flotilla of reasons and excuses for his behavior and an armada of threats for the little ones. don't they all? anyone familiar with abuse knows that abusers always use lies and threats to manage their victims. and if the abuser is an authority, like a doctor or pediatrician or priest, well so much the better! the parents' behavior has absolutely nothing to do with their socio-economic standing. i have seen lovely pampered women with beautiful manicured hands obey medical professionals like good mind-slaves.

a "failure of parenting on a societal level?" let me tell you about that. you know what parents fail to do? they fail to question authority. they fail to dare to disobey a doctor's instructions. they fail to say no to the medical establishment. pay attention at the pediatrician's office the dentist and even at the vets. lots and lots of people behave like slaves before medical professionals. a few months ago i told a hygienist that she could not x-ray my healthy child because she had no reason other than the schedule handed down on high from the ADA and she looked at me with utter shock like a deer in the headlights. i'm pretty sure i was the first person ever to tell her no. she scurried off to consult with the doctor and they came back to me carefully as though i had a baseball bat in my hands, because i had the audacity to be non-compliant with their preventative dental health schedule, and they can keep their flouride treatments too. they made marks in our charts. whatever. yes i'm a fucking bitch about certain things like poisoning my children please make a note of it and stay out of my way.

go into any pediatrician's office chances are excellent you'll find the walls plastered with big pharma displays everywhere in every single exam room papers posters trinkets and trash about the importance of taking their poison shots. and the flouride and x-rays at the dentist. they just don't stop they are relentless with the brainwashing. anyone think most parents dare to non-comply with this environment? they don't. people believe in this preventative medicine bullshit and that's what it is, bullshit. it prevents health. they have a fucking schedule at the AMA and the ADA of how often to radiate and poison your children, and people go along with that no problem. is it really too much of a stretch to imagine how trusted doctor pedophile managed to simply find alone time with his child patients?

the thing about sociopaths is that they see you but they don't think you can see them. they hide behind these elaborate constructs like preventative medicine, constructs which they developed, painstakingly, with devotion, because these are their hidey holes which allow them to practice their craft unmolested. and they have authority, and plaques on the walls, and maybe white lab coats. people respect them. people listen to them. and with all these earnest people walking around doing their own compartmentalized jobs and patients patiently waiting in their johnnies it's easy to just slip in there and go along and be one of the good people devoted to humanity. mm hmm. sure. and the whole time some of them know exactly what's going on. maybe they don't do anything except support the program, support the construct. in fact that's probably all most of them have to do. don't question the construct make sure the staff doesn't question the construct and for pete's sake, whatever you do, don't let patients start questioning the construct, especially not in the waiting room or at the check out desk, where they might be overheard by other patients or by our sweetly naive staff, or we will have some problems. if a patient starts getting difficult you had better treat that as a code fucking red.

so if you go into their hidey holes and start getting a little non-compliant, you will find out pretty quickly which ones are just a little perplexed with you and which ones don't like your attitude one tiny bit, because it threatens them. how many? i don't know, but it's not zero.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

you look marvelous

here's a gushing and i mean gushing don't you wish you were us article about how good -- no not just good way better than good -- we are talking light unto the nations material -- has been the israeli response to the "earthquake" (or whatever the hell that was) in haiti. you might want to bring a towel to kneel on when you read this.

oh the drama. the drama of saving lives and also, as if that weren't enough juicy goodness for one nation to light up the whole wide world HOO boy!, of also, in the same week, welcoming a black african community into the midst of israel. allRIGHT?!

ok hang on there one second because bibi had something to say today about building a fence to prevent the black migrants and terrorists coming from africa because they pose a threat to israel and are changing the "demographic landscape" and bringing drugs and whatnot, and it must be STOPPED. but i think he meant some *other* black people. so nevermind.

anyway, you know, it's ok to discriminate sometimes. i mean that's the whole point of being chosen by the allmighty of being extra-special more special than anyone else on the whole planet. you don't just take that kind of thing for granted you don't rest on your laurels you have to work that constantly, capice? not that i'm suggesting the lord would ever take the handicapped parking tag away, no not at all, it's just that you might as well use it whether you need it or not because that way everybody knows you need it even as they see you skipping and jogging into the gym for your daily session with your personal trainer, followed by a full body massage. let it be known that you do what it takes to maintain yourself and even if you might need a little plastic surgery from time to time, well we know some nice doctors it can all be done with the utmost discretion. not to worry my little cabbage. you look marvelous.

well that's just it then because we don't want to be negative that would be so rude, and these people need a lift because they take a lot of shit on account of all the lousy rotten things they are forced to do, because they have no choice, because everyone has it in for them. and it certainly might be considered negative to point out that the whole jewish air quotes chosen narrative is pretty much, by definition, racist as shit. but it would be very exceedingly rude to start in with that kind of noticing at a time like this, at a time when the jews need a collective little boost in the popularity ratings to get them over the hump. because soon they will be forced to start another war and that always does a job on one's self-esteem.

and so it would be very rude of me indeed to cast an aspersion on this whole haiti roadside hospital narrative and ask just how the sam hill did the israelis, out of all the people in the world who have converged on the little island, how exactly did the israelis manage to get their hospital equipment set up? i thought there were some bottlenecks but i guess they have connections. lucky huh? and what exactly do they do in the mash field hospital with all the little orphaned children? does anyone oversee anything going on or would that be rude? would that insinuate that maybe, you know, given the circumstances of the israeli organ stealing that has happened in the past with disadvantaged populations that maybe our israeli bestest friends could use some chaperones around the destitute orphans of haiti, lest their little kidneys go missing?

mm hmm.