Sunday, February 20, 2011

where is the exit?

we are very intrigued by the things happening in the world. we see people moved to protest. we know that there are wicked and greedy people who have been moved by perhaps some mixture of good and bad motives to work with some other people on the payroll to help the protests along. fine. so be it. that's the way it's done. however, we see that there are a lot more than just these people involved. what about the other people? are they all stupid? would it be perhaps racist to consider that all these other people involved have either 1) ulterior motives or 2) are not intelligent enough to comprehend that they are being used? we think it is. we don't think it is for us to judge what other people in other countries feel like. we have a hard enough time dealing with our own feelings for our own country and our own so called leaders. we can apply our own knowledge to any number of situations, but when it comes right down to it, people have free will and we all need to respect the free will of our fellow human beings.

it is OUR belief that humans were designed to cooperate with each other, and that they will cooperate absent provocations to the contrary. in some cases, human beings may decide to cooperate DESPITE the provocations. we think that displays humanity at it's finest. we think the NWO people can stick it up their asses.

what is the way forward? damned if we know. we see that no matter what happens, someone is ready to drive a stake through the heart of it as though it's the Vampire Fucking Lestat. or maybe Louis.

right. both tasty, particularly Louis. but hey, you will live to regret letting them suck your neck. right, RIGHT? 

ok fine. what is the fucking answer? how does one get out of this trap, exactly? if one cooperates with one's fellow human beings, one is a dupe and folding into the plans of the NWO. if one does not cooperate one is heroically stoic but in the end, as useless as a martyr. is it for another generation? we honestly don't know. we hope not. we know that we are tired. we PRESUME other people are tired also, tired of bullshit. we presume that some portion of these people can work together and overcome the mental mindfucks put in their path. we are not looking to drop this in the lap of our beloved children, in all seriousness. we did not bring them into the world to leave them a world of shit and prance off all 'oh sorry couldn't get to that sweetie but you'll be fine just... you know.... just....oh i don't know you'll figure it out! LOVE YOU! ..... bye!"

so, is it ridiculous to think that there's a way out? we certainly don't know. we tend not to say too much. actually we take that back. we DO tend to say too much. we tend to say things at family parties that make other family members suddenly change the subject. we tend to say things like "my children will join the military over my dead body" to people who have loved ones in the military. no offense, but we are just not down with the leadership. we get the gesture and the general good intentions. we are just pretty clear that we don't think it's a good idea to put one's life in service of fucking psychopaths. again, no offense if you feel differently. it's just that when we saw donny rumsfeld lying on teevee to candy corn on CNN this morning, about how if Osama were caught he would to go Guantanamo, and donny would definitely not visit him there because he has caused so much suffering in the world, damn straight, we were sure of it. i mean Jesus God. we still find it quite amazing how CONVINCED some of these people are of their own stories, after all these years, and how well they play the part, and how diligently the media tools interview them. it is enough to make one want to vomit in a bucket. but HEY, who are we to judge? this is an opinion blog after all. WE COULD BE WRONG.

so we don't know what the answer might be. we don't know if Arabs who lived under various US puppet governments might be pissed off enough to join the US led tools who start US led revolutions in their puppified nations. we don't know what to tell them. maybe they think their government is aOK. hey there are a lot of people who still think GWB is the cat's pajamas, and Obama shits cupcakes, and Ronnie Reagan is the fucking best thing evah. whatever. whatever floats your boat. we guess one can always find some people to play along with whatever tune comes out of the Mighty Wurlizter. but what is the TRUTH of the matter? we don't know. we just don't know. we spend a lot of time trying to discern that very thing.

we only know that human beings were made to cooperate with each other. and that the NWO mind fuckers took that good quality and turned it into something bad. they made it so that the desire to cooperate became part of their plan for a one world government. they get their rocks off on that sort of thing: taking a good intention and twisting it into something deadly. this is porn to them. you want to cooperate? hahaha, good we will turn that into a bad thing. you want to work together? hahaha, we will make you work for us. et cetera. they try to turn everything into a win win for them. that is their special skill.

where does that leave us? what are we supposed to do? do nothing?

they win.


they win.

they win.


they win.

don't organize?

they win.

what is the answer? we think it comes down to intention. we think it comes down to the battle that is waged in the space just out of reach of our physical existence. we think we have to believe in each other, or else these fuckers will turn every no win situation into a win win, and we think that is bullshit, and we are not down with that. 

there's got to be a way out, and it might take some brave humans to find it. and maybe if we just hold our breath and suck it in and conquer our fear of dying, we can find it. ok?

don't you remember The Poseidon Adventure?


  1. fucking awesome! thank you so much for this.
    "we could be wrong" - yeah, but the design to co-operate and the rest of what you write is not chance. It's too late to bother with those who wish to change the subject. Our young deserve our uncensored honesty and truth.
    Beautifully put. Blessings.

  2. "Our young deserve our uncensored honesty and truth."

    Bho, i completely agree.

  3. We take the blows AP.

    That is as honest as it gets.

    You and I know the counter strike is unrecognised to the foe.

    Glad you are back

  4. thank you Incoming. that's very true that the counterstrike is unrecognized to the foe. very true.

    reminds me of this:

  5. AP someone's watching. I've been sitting on a little something for a month or so now partly based on some of Castaneda's work but not knowing yet how to finish it to my satisfaction. You'll recognise it when you see it. :-)

  6. this is my favorite blog in the whole universe

  7. I guess. I am doing a lot of watching. I think i have an attitude problem haha...