Wednesday, February 24, 2010

not zero

yesterday this story broke about some pedophile in delaware, a pediatrician, and he's getting charged with raping over a hundred children -- so far. the police investigated him before in 2005 and despite the fact that parents and colleagues expressed concerns about this doctor "for years" the police somehow did not discover anything substantive in the 2005 investigation so he went on to rape who knows how many other children in the meanwhile. and they found tapes of him abusing his child victims, hundreds of tapes, going back a decade.

and someone right away jumps in to blame the victims, the "red-neck" parents, specifically the "back-water, red-necked, inbred behavior one readily finds there is the greater tragedy here....this backwards culture must be eradicated and parents have no one but themselves to blame...what a failure of parenting on a societal level." all this frankly racist vitriol because the parents did not accompany their children into the examining rooms and because the children never said anything until a little two year old, no doubt too small to have followed the monster's threats, finally told her mum. the fact is for all this blaming the victim diversionary bullshit we don't know what this monster said to the parents or how he threatened the children. i'm sure he had a flotilla of reasons and excuses for his behavior and an armada of threats for the little ones. don't they all? anyone familiar with abuse knows that abusers always use lies and threats to manage their victims. and if the abuser is an authority, like a doctor or pediatrician or priest, well so much the better! the parents' behavior has absolutely nothing to do with their socio-economic standing. i have seen lovely pampered women with beautiful manicured hands obey medical professionals like good mind-slaves.

a "failure of parenting on a societal level?" let me tell you about that. you know what parents fail to do? they fail to question authority. they fail to dare to disobey a doctor's instructions. they fail to say no to the medical establishment. pay attention at the pediatrician's office the dentist and even at the vets. lots and lots of people behave like slaves before medical professionals. a few months ago i told a hygienist that she could not x-ray my healthy child because she had no reason other than the schedule handed down on high from the ADA and she looked at me with utter shock like a deer in the headlights. i'm pretty sure i was the first person ever to tell her no. she scurried off to consult with the doctor and they came back to me carefully as though i had a baseball bat in my hands, because i had the audacity to be non-compliant with their preventative dental health schedule, and they can keep their flouride treatments too. they made marks in our charts. whatever. yes i'm a fucking bitch about certain things like poisoning my children please make a note of it and stay out of my way.

go into any pediatrician's office chances are excellent you'll find the walls plastered with big pharma displays everywhere in every single exam room papers posters trinkets and trash about the importance of taking their poison shots. and the flouride and x-rays at the dentist. they just don't stop they are relentless with the brainwashing. anyone think most parents dare to non-comply with this environment? they don't. people believe in this preventative medicine bullshit and that's what it is, bullshit. it prevents health. they have a fucking schedule at the AMA and the ADA of how often to radiate and poison your children, and people go along with that no problem. is it really too much of a stretch to imagine how trusted doctor pedophile managed to simply find alone time with his child patients?

the thing about sociopaths is that they see you but they don't think you can see them. they hide behind these elaborate constructs like preventative medicine, constructs which they developed, painstakingly, with devotion, because these are their hidey holes which allow them to practice their craft unmolested. and they have authority, and plaques on the walls, and maybe white lab coats. people respect them. people listen to them. and with all these earnest people walking around doing their own compartmentalized jobs and patients patiently waiting in their johnnies it's easy to just slip in there and go along and be one of the good people devoted to humanity. mm hmm. sure. and the whole time some of them know exactly what's going on. maybe they don't do anything except support the program, support the construct. in fact that's probably all most of them have to do. don't question the construct make sure the staff doesn't question the construct and for pete's sake, whatever you do, don't let patients start questioning the construct, especially not in the waiting room or at the check out desk, where they might be overheard by other patients or by our sweetly naive staff, or we will have some problems. if a patient starts getting difficult you had better treat that as a code fucking red.

so if you go into their hidey holes and start getting a little non-compliant, you will find out pretty quickly which ones are just a little perplexed with you and which ones don't like your attitude one tiny bit, because it threatens them. how many? i don't know, but it's not zero.