Wednesday, May 5, 2010

winning the patsy lottery

so this guy faisal shahzad and his whole terrorist schtick looks staged to me. he spent five months in training in pakistan and this is what he comes up with? whoever sponsored his training must be pretty annoyed, oh wait...maybe not. you know what i think it all worked out really great for some people actually so let's think about this for a minute. who looks bad? pakistan, dubai, immigrants, muslims. who looks good? pretty much every authority in NYC plus some of the authorities in DC, and anyone who is anti- pakistan, dubai, immigrants, muslims. and who has been very very busy little bees hmmm? all the news people and their talking head buddies. speaking of which, i thought saxby chambliss maybe let something slip yesterday on CNN:

CHAMBLISS: Those are still questions that are out there John that haven't been answered yet. Just finding the guy was a major accomplishment, number one, finding him in the time frame that they did. Unfortunately, we have hundreds of -- excuse me -- thousands and thousands of individuals who come and go to Pakistan every year. We had last year about 10,000 Pakistanis who were naturalized in America. (

hundreds of WHAT saxby? it wasn't hundreds it was thousands and thousands so what were you going to say there hundreds of what? hundreds of potential patsies that our intelligence agencies keep in reserve for that special phone call? each one waiting to hit the terrorist patsy lottery and be selected to be the latest fake terrorist in the long running fake war on terror, and to have his or her staged photos

looking down at the camera with a penetrating gaze

or looking out from a car with ray ban's and an earpiece

plastered all over teevee for the world to see? to be the one to fuck up a fake terrorist incident as instructed like patsy underpants and leave sloppy clues everywhere like house keys in the car and fertilizer in the garage and cash transactions for airline tickets? five months of terrorist training for this? it makes one wonder how these terrorists have managed to elude capture for so long if this is the quality of their training. here they are supposedly the most blood-thirsty killer terrorists on the planet able to detonate tremendous killer bombs in cities of pakistan and iraq no trouble, coordinated bombs that kill dozens and dozens of people in one whack and wound hundreds, and yet they send bone-headed flunkies like faisal to NYC? i mean c'mon they must not be all that serious about killing americans or they would send the crews that do such a great job killing people in the middle east like this beautiful tiny girl.

please don't get me wrong because i'm glad no americans have to do this today but at the same time as a human being i can't help feel that it would be much better if the pakistanis and afghans and iraqis and palestinians didn't have to wash their children's corpses either, that's all i'm saying. so this guy faisal is obviously not the same caliber terrorist, lucky for us huh? and i don't know who those much more efficient terrorists are but we have a lot of people over there so maybe they could find out and you know if they can't figure it out after all this time wink wink maybe they should come the fuck home and forget about it already.
i mean let's get real faisal was never meant to explode the bomb he was never meant to get away it's all just conditioning and justification for the next stage in the plans which is no doubt to sweep up the last few civil rights and kill more pakistanis and with any luck some iranians.

do you think anyone on teevee will notice that it all looks staged? oh no it would be rude to notice something like that. instead here we go with the lickety-split capture and confession and this very conveniently feeds into other narratives like weapons of mass destruction and maybe a little immigration reform while simultaneously distracting people from that BP oil mess down in the gulf which actually they might try to wriggle off the hook for now that you mention it and whatever other things our masters would rather we not pay attention to, like for instance goldman sachs taking down the various economies of the world including dubai by the way and greece and hey last but not least, the USA. phew good thing israel is expected to weather all these economic crises without much trouble. yeah i don't know about you but the first thing i always worry about being an upstanding american is whether the jews are doing ok, you know? poor things. so hey, anyway, eric holder never had any fear of losing the guy wink wink wink. i guess we were never in any danger capice? get the make-up people and the hair people in here because we are ready for our close-ups.