Thursday, November 26, 2009

happy thanksgiving

oh hi happy thanksgiving. taking a little break from cooking for my family and hey i just have to say it's good to be a conspiracy theorist right about now. i mean between the leaked memos about global warming and bin laden aka cia asset tim osman reportedly dead since december 2001, now hitting the "mainstream" media eight years later, hey good times. what's next? the american government is run by jews? say it isn't so. i hear they control the media too. *and* hollywood. jeebus crow. things will really start to get good when we see famous powerful people in handcuffs on the teevee. i for one am ready. bring it.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


so yesterday a brilliant blogger friend of mine who busts his ass trying to help people understand how they're being manipulated got an email critique which basically told him to calm down sheesh you sound all preachy hey maybe if you really want to be helpful you should think of all the white christians who might read this and try to connect with them and don't be putting pictures of dead children in your articles it's very upsetting you know. well naturally the critic phrased it all somewhat less pointedly, not much, but you know i'm all about reading the actual message no matter how it's couched and that was the message of this critic, all smugly self-assured that it can't possibly be as bad as some of us claim so therefore we oughta tone it down or risk being marginalized. and i have been personally accused of going too far and upsetting people in their bubbles with my sharp pointy pointedness. which is true. i absolutely have done that many times so many times and i am consequently marginalized and that's fine with me.

so my friend felt badly here he has put so much thought and time into his work, uncompensed of course, and he asked me what i thought. and i told him that blogger is free and if this critic really wants to be "helpful" this critic should start a blog and make it just as dumb as the critic finds appropriate for his or her dumb thumb-sucking audience. ok i didn't put it quite that way but that was the message. i mean why should anyone dumb anything down at this point do we not have enough dumbed down information in the world? must we forever protect people's feelings from the sharp edges of the truth? fuck that shit. as i said in my own defense when it happened to me, yeah i know so and so is upset but it's TRUE. what am i supposed to lie to make people feel better? i don't think so. go get your fucking blankey and curl up on the couch if it upsets you. read a magazine or watch teevee god knows you won't be assaulted by the truth doing that.

there's some progression people go through. those who started with 9/11 of course have been at it for a long time, the ones who started earlier should be revered as the real prophets of our age but let's leave them aside for now. let's say sometime after 9/11 a person began to have some nagging doubts and started looking into things. one thing leads to another it's all connected, that is both the horror and the beauty of starting to look into things independently, you soon learn that everything you ever knew is total bullshit. and i do mean everything -- politics religion finance culture media history science medicine education foreign policy think tanks charities -- the whole thing has been tainted with a shade of evil twisted sometimes subtly sometimes not but in every field of endeavor you will find lies important lies strategic lies that mean the difference between life and death for somebody somewhere. and you start to realize how many somebodies have died as a result of these lies and you see so many others queued up for misery and death all chipper and willing and obviously mind-controlled but having NO IDEA and you say to yourself wtf? this is absolutely diabolical. so after you recover your balance you're now standing right-side up in an upside-down world, realizing that *everything* is fucked up but now you are properly oriented and sufficiently recovered from the shock so you can move around freely again without bumping into things.

however what seems to happen is that some people can see you moving around freely but they just can't accept that *everything* is fucked up that just can't be possible so they must keep a few sacred pillars in place to orient themselves in the fucked-up world. but they still want to move about freely. except they refuse to do the polar magnetic reverse mind-fuck manuever which one has to do in order to drink the free-thinking juice from the free-thought-straw. so the resulting confusion and frustration which results from their denial that they have to go "all the way" like some free-thinking whore, that frustration of being neither here nor there must go somewhere and that's what people like me are for -- to be "fucked up" so you don't have to be. so sayeth the critics.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

of kings

that princess diana she was something wasn't she? i'm not so much for paying attention to the royals and all that kind of stuff but have been paying more attention lately, not necessarily to the british ones but to royalty in general. for as i'm realizing that one of the great mindfucks we've all been treated to is this idea that the royal families are somehow superfluous because they have no political power. therefore don't waste your time watching them. tremendous mind-staggering wealth aside...they have no "political" power wink wink wink.

course not. they don't need any. politics would be for the entertainment and distraction of the common folks and meanwhile the royal families live pleasant and relaxing lives enjoying privacy and wealth and privilege, and by the way they absolutely take all the bloodline business dead serious and that's why they don't go around marrying commoners, it means renouncing rights to thrones and things like that. so it happens but probably not a decision to take lightly.

so while we're all paying attention to the nimrods playing politics all these royal cousins are doing what exactly? well who knows. they enjoy privacy but something lately tells me there's a fight or something on amongst them and given their prodigious wealth sloshing around in the system we feel some effects of this but it's damn hard to tell what's going on. but like the princess and the pea my delicate senses tell me that a disturbance lurks deep beneath many mattresses and i advise you all to look in those directions wherever the princes and kings and queens move about with their ribbons and tassels and jewels and symbols, look there for the clues for they harbor ancient grievances and claims which they nurse with unreasonable passions.

it would be nice to have a king to rule over the world with justice and benevolence. i have longed for such a thing many times but human beings fail at the task. there's only one king who ever walked this earth who was then and remains today worthy to serve and that is Jesus the Son of God. allegiance to any other will end in disaster.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

the power of witness

let's say something happens to you, something strange. let's say you saw a ufo or something, no that never happened to me i'm just giving you a good example. would anyone believe you? ok a few people would but you probably wouldn't know them you'd have to go hunt them down on the intertubes, find your peeps and join a yahoo group or something. most likely the people you live with and work with would think you a little daft because they've never seen a ufo it's rare laduh.

unless of course one of them was with you. then you would have a witness. and if you and the witness both agreed that yes indeed the aliens landed in the back yard and their spaceship smelled like salami and they wore shiny purple suits and spoke with french accents like jacques pepin or something, well as long as you had a witness there would be one person on earth who wouldn't think you totally crazy. and that would mean a lot to you having seen what you saw. because when it's over nobody will believe you and don't you know it, and you might start to question your own sanity after a while and wonder if you dreamt the whole thing or the nsa is fucking with you or something.

so i was thinking about all the crazy stuff i see in my internet travels, a lot of it i blog about i sure do spend a lot of time blogging and occasionally i wonder why do i do this does anyone care, and i realized that i am simply being a witness. and you know what? that counts. that is a valuable service to provide to people who are being hurt. even if you can't necessarily do anything else you can say yes, i saw that. i saw what they did. you are not crazy. i saw the murder the corruption the coverup the stealing the symbolism the rape the abuse the lying. i saw it too it really happened and i promise you i won't forget. and if they ever ask me i will say yes, i saw it with my own eyes i saw what you did. and if you want to kill me erase me imprison me stop me you can try, but there are other witnesses to whatever you do. we will witness for each other until so many eyes stare at you that you can't hide anymore.

and it's so easy. all you have to do is look, and watch, and believe your own eyes comprehend what you see before you. shut out the sound if you need to just read in silence read the words let them register go back over them until you see what they say. slow down and understand. witness for your fellow human beings believe their tales of woe at the hands of the powerful and they will witness for you. especially believe the children who are precious and who have no reason to lie about powerful people hurting them. they have no reason to lie only the powerful have such motivations. and in this way we shall deliver each other from evil.