Monday, September 28, 2009

hold the phone

on one level we can talk about iran and what iran is doing and the IAEA and so forth, and we can look at the big kerfuffle over the 'secret' facility that isn't a secret because for one thing the spooks know everything before it happens anyway do they not? they're always bragging about that shit and trying to make us paranoid with how good they are so fuck them you can't have your cake and eat it too either you know all this shit or you don't, make up your mind already, and anyway for another thing iran volunteered the information, so the whole scene is a big cock up OK? everybody calm down for pete's sake.

on another level we know about the so-called clash of civilizations and the desire of a tiny group of people who want to rule the world to set christians and muslims against each other let them kill each other off in a big bloody war. now of course it would be most convenient for that to take place someplace away from the so-called holy land so that we don't have any unnecessary pollution wrecking things for the chosen people as they establish erezt israel on land currently inhabited by various arab people. that might be one reason why iran seems to be such a juicy target. you know the rule of real estate location location location. after all iran is in the middle east but it's not in the immediate neighborhood of israel so it's kind of like a big distraction over there allowing you to do your thing over here, sort of like having a walmart in the next town it's convenient when you need it but you don't want the riff raff clogging your tree lined roads. in fact iran is just far enough away to be problematic but that's a feature not a bug because that means that the US and some other friends of israel *have* to help and therefore they (i mean we) will be ensnared in the sticky spider web of complicity and this will lead invariably to many iranians and americans dying but probably not too many jews, presuming everything goes as planned. convenient that.

and then if you go ahead and read this which leads to this and this it starts to make even more sense and you get that feeling of oh fuck that is so fucking evil even worse that previously imagined so just hold the god damn phone a second because we don't know what's going on and there's no way in hell we should do one single thing until we find out. but you know nobody will bother it's too much work it's so much easier to just turn on the teevee and be told what to think and what to do and who your enemies are so you can just go kill them and they can kill you right back and then when we're all good and dead some vultures can come pick our bones clean.

but damn i'm sure it's rude to notice especially today since it's some important religious holiday.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

adding value

you know there is a thing called 'adding value' in the business world. i know this because i used to have a job in the business world and i also have an mba from a prestigious business college, such a thing i refuse to use since business is so fucking corrupt that it makes me want to puke. but i digress.

anyway this adding value business is all about adding something valuable to something else. seems self explanatory no? actually you'd be surprised. i am constantly surprised how people do not recognize when value gets added in the blogosphere. sometimes it seems as bad as watching the talking heads on tv and then going into barnes and nobles and it's the same fucking people except now you can buy their books. oh hey great thanks i'm sure we need to make them even richer. and on the internet it's another crowd of people who get copied and pasted everywhere all they have to do is dash off a few lines and who knows how many thousands or millions of people will read it and pass it around. they could be great analysts and sometimes they are but you know all i'm noting is how the behavior of people is exactly the same on the supposed free-thinking internet as it is anywhere else. people with prestige from their former job or their affiliation with some slick online magazine or what have you, you say tomato i say tomahto, those people get more attention than they deserve because other people do not discern the added value part they just take it for granted that if so and so used to work for such and such agency or if so and so is the editor of such and such organization that he or she *must* shit cupcakes so let's read and share widely hmm? works everytime.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

safety in numbers

a fortune from a cookie sat on my kitchen counter and it said humor is an affirmation of dignity, and i laughed because i am so flip about the most serious things and it's not that these serious things are funny, but the situation is ridiculous. it's perfectly ridiculous how far the situation has progressed. it's perfectly ridiculous that people who pay attention and understand about the war on terror and the media lying and the financial stealing and the treason, the treason of it all, need endure the indignity of being misfits in our own society because of our so called crazy ideas. it's ridiculous because it can all be easily verified, it's all right there, laying out in the open. look it up peeps, just look it up.

how does it happen that vast swaths of humanity allow themselves to be bossed around by a tiny group of people call them what you will i think satanists fits the bill with no particular distinction except their willingness and expectation to be the bosses? they are not smarter they don't work harder, there is not even an objective reason for people to behave the way they do it must be human nature that we seek for leaders and the ones with the biggest confidence game win. but it's still a con and it's still a game, and woe to you for seeing that you rude little thing.

so i can't help being rude can't help making fun of the fact that they prepare to kill more innocent people probably in the homeland too this time, again i should say, though there was a reprieve of a million or two other innocents who died in between exhibit a nine eleven and exhibit b date unknown but something oh-nine i guess, and that's just the ones killed by the obvious war activities such as bombing wedding parties. who knows how many die from lack of clean food and water and shelter or else a plethora of chemicals and poisons dropped from the sky or injected into bodies or dispensed by the lovely pharmacists at cvs. or maybe just died from a broken heart or a mind that couldn't make two and two add up to four anymore it kept insisting on being three no matter how hard they worked and how diligently they paid the bills. it's very sad but it's also ridiculous because it really was not necessary and all anyone need do is stop listening to lies but they don't. they don't do it something was lost along the way or probably it was stolen too.

so that's why i'm so rude, it's just from giving the situation the gravitas it deserves and it deserves none in my opinion. i'm sorry for all the suffering and by the way it would be different if more people had some god damned dignity and self-respect and stood up straight and tall and said with their own mouths Hey Fuck You to the people who screw us all day in and day out instead of leaving it to the handful. i mean obviously if more people had some damn dignity and thought enough of themselves and their loved ones to defend their own interests it would be safe to tell the truth for everyone.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

here we go again

this is gonna be quick. i just know that since we've arrived at the eighth anniversary of 9/11, i'm going to get passive aggressive chain emails and facebook dictats asking me ordering me to remember 9/11. the people who forward and post these things, bless their hearts, have most likely spent exactly zero hours over the past eight years doing any independent research on 9/11. they have accepted the official version and every year like clockwork they get to work busily reminding everybody to remember the LIES about 9/11. and i just want to say hey, you care so much so how much time have you taken out of your life over the past eight years to do some research about what really happened that day? oh zero? yeah i thought so.

you know? fuck. that would be so rude.