Tuesday, September 28, 2010

a good cause

how does it work then?
is it more patriotic to bury your head in the sand
and not learn the truth

and send young people off to die
and to kill other young people,
and women and children and old people,
who are already poor and trying to survive
in bombed out countries formerly destroyed by other soldiers

for a bunch of lies
and to line the pockets of organized criminals?

but are you still a patriot
if you then cry bitter tears over the flag-draped coffins
no matter how much truth you managed to ignore
while they were still alive?

is that patriotism?

or is it patriotism to learn the truth
and open you mouth and say:
this is evil.

unless you don't think it's evil to kill
for the survival of organized crime?
then maybe you're a racist?
no of course not.

but what if the wars are really not for a good cause?
did you ever think of that?

or is it just
that do you can't handle the truth,
to quote a Hollywood movie star
as he glorified this very evil
for the enshrined American mythology?