Thursday, July 22, 2010


so i haven't ranted in a while but for crying out loud, what the fuck with this shirley sherrod thing? every flipping time i check google news it's the top story and this is days on end and i can't even bring myself to read ANY of it because hey, the gulf of mexico is being destroyed along with all sort of other catastrophes brewing in every corner of the world. and yet we are to obsess over this one woman's job? top story? day after day? five thousand fucking stories and it's time to call glenn beck? really?

go for it. call glenn.

sorry i would say more but honest to God, what is there to say? there is no way whatever is going in is more important than all the other things that are going on, so this is obviously some sort of bait to get as many people roped into a giant distraction as possible and that could mean that something is about to go down.

i had to add the picture. it just PROVES that your life is a joke to these people.
what is that the bat phone? get smart?
i know that fucking phone was in some sitcom.,2933,597444,00.html