Saturday, August 1, 2009

Just In Case

Good bloggers tend to go missing from time to time. It's a mysterious thing. Should that ever happen to my blogs Twelfth Bough or After Armageddon News, I plan on hanging out here.


  1. Good idea.
    I should have done the same.

  2. i will help you get the word out if you set something up. can't believe they did this, well i can but wtf.

  3. so what happened kenny, did they reinstate your blog? I guess I ought to go searching around and find out. But looking at this blog, I could see it getting disappeared considering the rudeness; not that I don't absolutely agree with just about every word you've written here, nobody.

  4. hey goOg, kenny is back up in the same place:

    i don't think he ever got an explanation it was just a "mistake" evidently