Thursday, December 3, 2009


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so, yeah, i can't post at my news blog because somebunny flagged me as spam bo hoo hoo and now the google people will take their sweet time to fix it i'm sure. must have got too close to something i'm guessing in the philippines so they put the oven mitt over my head. hey whatever there's nothing i can do about it but wait it out and catch up on my reading.

anyway you know i call that blog the good guys will win ha for a reason. the greatest accomplishment a person can have today is to speak the truth. and the more people get sucked into the power establishment the less able they become to speak the truth and in many cases even to discern it. but the truth has a way of coming out just ask tiger woods. so they play a losing game of kick the can and they keep kicking the can down the road but they don't know who lives down the road.

if there's one thing i believe it's that we cannot predict how things will work out they just don't work out how you ever expect and that's something i've learned over and over again. the true God of goodness and truth and creativity can take everything we throw at him with our free will abuses and make a work of art out of it and it might look like one of those junkyard sculptures but it's gonna be good and you will laugh because it will be sort of recognizable and silly with googly eyes and springs and funny proportions like the most talented caricaturist bobble-headed doll rendition of something you've ever seen. and then after everyone has a good laugh except the people whose precious metal junk just got sculpted by the master, he'll take that metal creation and melt it down in the crucible and burn off all the impurities and then we'll see who has been bitchslapped worse and who is made of gold and who is made of tungsten and who is a carbon based human being and who is a piece of dirt.

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