Friday, April 2, 2010

guerrilla warfare

you know the media desensitizes people to violence and sex they flood us with their shit messages, but the one thing they don't like people to know about or talk about is the pedophilia. unless of course we're talking about the catholic church variety, then it's ok because the game gets down to the wire now and some of the big players need to be taken out. that explains why journalists will do such a good job all of a sudden despite all the many things they've managed to overlook in the past which has resulted in untold death and destruction, but now they will start asking questions and digging around like wild pigs rooting for truffles.

but they won't touch things like Drasius Kreys. no no no, please do not go there. he's the guy whose little four year old daughter told him that nasty men did things to her with their big sysalai. this happened many times because the men gave the little girl's mother money, and this greedy 'see you next tuesday' cared more about money than protecting her little daughter's dignity and body and soul and psyche and integrity and innocence. so she let these men sexually assault her little girl. repeatedly. and when the little girl told her father, he must have been struggling to wrap his brain around it, can you imagine? so he writes that he will never forget when his four-year old daughter said, while telling his poor gobsmacked self, about their sysalai that smelled like shit and dripping out cream all over her: “are you a baby, daddy? you do not understand anything?”

you know, there's no human being worth a damn who doesn't get this. the outrage of this. the fucking outrage. the violation. the theft of something precious that cannot be replaced. the crime against innocence that can never be repaid, that a four year old child might chide her father for naivete. because she's already used to being treated like a whore.

it makes something snap inside.

so after trying to get some justice through the so-called justice system, which never happened of course because one of the big sysalais belonged to a judge and another big sysalai belonged to an important politician, Drasius Kreys shot the fuckers dead. and NOW lo and behold the justice system kicks into overdrive to get the pedophile killer. unleash the hounds of hell.

but you know, that thing that snapped inside Drasius Kreys, all normal people have that same brittle thing inside, for their children, for all children. that thing that bends with amazing flexibility and devotion in the direction of our children, but it does not bend the other way. it will snap the second someone harms a child, your child, any child. it's like a butterfly bolt. it goes in the wall and then it opens on springs. you can't get it out without damaging the wall. the harm to children reverberates in the space that connects the society of normal people. it rips a hole in that divine space of creativity, of spirit, of love that normal people all share in their natural empathy which the media constantly tries to beat out of us with their steady stream of desensitizing violence and porn. and it hurts. you don't have to know the people to feel their pain you can imagine it you can empathize, you understand. words are not necessary when you can feel these things, and it's normal to feel these things. it's universal. it's totally normal to want to rip somebody's jugular out with your bare hands if they hurt a child. that's normal. people don't need to apologize for those feelings, those raw instincts. it helps us survive. even wild animals like elephants instinctively put their young in the middle of a circle when predators approach. so what is to apologize for? are we not also created with everything necessary for survival, plus more? damn straight. we're supposed to be this way, we were made this way and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

and this is how Drasius Kreys has managed to go into hiding, because the society of normal people are in solidarity about certain things. like pedophiles. the society of normal people have solidarity about pedophiles. we hate them with the heat of the sun. even prisoners consider pedophiles the lowest scum on earth. normal people don't need to think it over it goes without saying. words are not needed because we communicate in that other space where things are simply understood things like right and wrong, and people understand that you keep your fucking sysalais and your filthy hands and cameras and minds away from little children at all times. guess what you want to start making excuses guess what? the second you come up with one single excuse you have just outed yourself from the society of normal people. it's that simple.

so these fuckwits do actually show up and start making excuses. they can't help themselves because they're like arsonists who have to return to the fire, they get off on it, so when we normal people start talking about these crimes getting all hopped up they just have to come around and say some stupid things like it's the parent's fault or the child's fault or let's be reasonable or some such fuckwittery. and all the normal people are like wtf are you talking about you fucking fuckwit?

all those little red flags thrown down on the field, all the asinine remarks they make explaining away the indefensible. make a mental note of those.

you see, they think they have this advantage because they don't get all tripped up on feelings like we do so they think they can intellectualize matters and out think the society of normal people, especially if they jump in real quick and start the misdirection right away. they know we have feelings and they know they need to express some feelings to blend in, but the only thing they have remotely similar to feelings are their selfish instincts for self-preservation, and that's why whatever they manage to say will be off somehow, and you might not always be able to put your finger on what exactly they're up to but you know that you're not on the same page. that's because for them it really is just a bloodless two dimensional page and feelings are just words. and for normal people feelings like i will rip your jugular out with my bare hands or i will shoot you in the balls twice before i give you one in the head if you touch that child, are very much real. so we're in 3D and they are in 2D. they do not know their way around the 3D world where things don't need to be verbalized. it's all theoretical, mathematical, game theory bullshit for them. they have no shame they have no sense of decorum they have no sense of how rude and obnoxious they are even when you tell them they can't hear you blah blah blah they can only hear the sound of their own voice it sounds so mellifluous like a tinkling stream through the fantasy forest where they are good and anything they do must be allowed simply because they want to do it. they don't speak the language of feelings and this is how you can spot them, when they're drawn to the scene of the crime and can't shut their mouths because they're playing a game and it's called let's fuck with these people and get out of jail free.

so you let them talk let them make their excuses for things that have no excuses. normal people can communicate otherwise we don't have to speak what we know about right and wrong, that's the beauty of the society of normal people. we can be in silence and remain in solidarity. that is our advantage. we exist on terrain they don't understand how to navigate, the real forest where you better keep your wits and wear boots. the advantage belongs to us, the people who speak the language of love, because we can communicate without words. you just remember that when you shake your head in disgust you are not alone. we share something basic and primary and instinctual, and it's good, and they don't have it. and they can't fake it.

watch them try. they are pathetic.

draw them out to our terrain. stand on the far ridge of feelings and call them over. they'll twist their fucking ankles for sure because they don't actually know anything about reality. they don't live in reality, they live in a 2D game theory pseudo-world and they cannot survive if we call them out. nor can they resist trying because they are possessed with such ideas of grandiosity and spite and disdain for human beings that they just *have* to come over there and bitch slap you you stupid fucking human for having the nerve to make them come all the way over here just to straighten you out.

the time has come to stop apologizing for being human beings. whatever kind of eugenics or elitist bullshit experiment they have going on, the people who thrive on this culture of death and violence and pornography, they are the inferior species. sub-human. they have no feelings, no empathy, which they prove by their actions and confirm with their vile excuses. they lack something they know they lack it and they don't want *you* to know they lack it. that's the gig. their only advantage is their devotion to keeping their weakness secret and you don't have to cooperate by being gullible. really. they are defective they overcompensate with their intellectual bullshit but they can't fake the feelings they always make mistakes and you must notice the red flags when they do.

the human instincts for survival and for selflessness are not concepts at odds. we will protect the weak and vulnerable, no questions asked. it does not need to be explained because it is unspoken, written into our DNA. they can only try to convince us that we don't have these instincts or that they are wrong, but in doing that they expose themselves.

this is a guerrilla war.
we are the guerrillas.
our terrain is the emotional world.
our language is love.

they don't know our terrain.
they don't speak our language.
and we greatly outnumber them.

draw them out and pick them off.
your weapon is the truth.
use it.


  1. Just found your site by way of Penny for Your Thoughts' blog. A standing ovation is in order for this post, which speaks directly to the heart of the matter. Unflinching, concrete reality delivered with wit and eloquence. Banner post A. Peasant keep up the Spartan work!

    Cheers and respect,
    Hei Hu Quan

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  3. I know how you feel. Everybody ought to read Anna Salter's "Predators: Pedophiles, Rapists and Other Sex Offenders. Who They Are, How They Operate and How We Can Protect Ourselves and Our Children". And then, Dave McGowan's "Programmed to Kill: The Politics of Serial Murder". Then, to understand what kind of sub-human we are dealing with, "Without Conscience" by Robert Hare, "The Sociopath Next Door" by Martha Stout", "The Mask of Sanity" by Hervey Cleckley, "Snakes in Suits" by Hare and Babiak, and to tie it all together: "Political Ponerology: The Science of Evil Adjusted for Political Purposes" by Andrew Lobaczewski.

    These books should be required reading for every normal human being on the planet. If you don't know that we are stalked by an intra-species predator, you cannot know how to protect yourself and your children.

    There are disgusting psychopaths in power and they are filthier and more depraved than most people can imagine. While the average person blows off the state of the body-politic as something he can do nothing about, or very little, (just let him get on with his job, his ball game and his six-pack), those same creeps that are robbing him blind via the banks, corporations, big pharma, munitions, military, etc, are the same creeps that are raping and destroying his children and the children of millions of others like him.

    If they only fully realized that it all goes hand in hand.

    Normal humans evolved in a mutually supporting, creative social structure. That's how they survived. Psychopaths are a mutation. Humans have not yet evolved a natural way to detect them behind their masks. We will either figure it out, or we will become extinct.

  4. hi Laura,

    good list, most of which i've read thanks to SOTT ;D. it's true, this is the 'thing' that people need to 'get.' and we will figure it out.

    it's important for people to understand that we have an *advantage.* feelings are an advantage, a language we speak that the paths cannot speak fluently. that's how to turn the tables on them, as the paths have been playing guerrilla war on us, but that's only because people very graciously overlook all their mistakes in the language of feelings. which all those mistakes we should be paying attention to instead, as the calling cards of our enemies.

  5. As far as the DNA they are working on that also, nano particles, GM foods, vaccines and assorted chemicals such as bisphenol in plastic.

    They are not really sure yet as to how much nano particles can shape DNA structure. Busy busy they are.

  6. feelings and emotions are an advantage. and the ptb's are definitely trying to manipulate them out of us. look at anger management?
    Is it abnormal to get angry? Of course not, there is a dam good reason we get angry.

    excellent post a peasant!

    it is so odd you wrote this as I have had thoughts swimming around the brain along the lines of the way we have been managed...

    And we really have to become unmanageable.

  7. A Peasant, that is a powerful set of words you toss into a salad of emotions that overwhelm and leave you reeling for a bit. One reason they focus on the priests is it is the right time.

    Also it diverts public attention from the evils of the Jewish rabbis. Interestingly both sects prefer young boys at the age of 3 and long ago I read the reason, but it has to do with spiritual and psychological conditioning.

    If you know anything about MK ultra programming, it is all about sexualization of the child as young as possible. Some children are fed their father's sysalai from birth. The stories of Kathy Obrien or Svali or Cisco Wheeler give more details than you can imagine... and the mindset.

    Yet we still do not know what happened to that poor little JonBenet child? We do, but the powers that be keep the truth away ~ they want no crack in the wall of lies and subversion.

    The women above all name names, household names at one point or anotherc ~ stars, leaders, and not one of them was charged with slander. Obrien even went before a Senate Committee and testified again naming names.

    These upper levels are corrupt ~ decadence, satanic worship, blood rituals, sacrifices. It is international; children flown from country to country in planes of the wealthy & powerful elite.

    For Americans who will pay up to $40000+ for a snuff film of a small child, there is always someone willing to snatch a child and do it. In Italy they broke up a ring of 11 men, 8 Jewish who had such a ring going ; a huge number were American.

    Near Vancouver a man was in court for raping his 3 yr old daughter. He got off! Because she was, according to THE JUDGE, being sexually aggressive by crawling on top of him like any child does on their parent. But he GOT OFF!

    Scotland. These depraved creatures need more bizarre things ~ the elderly, handicapped, as well as children.

    Screw political correctness when it gets to that. Look into the American education system. They push the sexualization of children young. You do not think Madonna or Monica Lewinsky or Britanny or those Bratt Dolls are just coincidence!

    In Germany, legally, a father is remiss if he does not stimulate his daughter's vagina when she is young. Fathers who went against this have been jailed.

    Kindy kids have a primary reader that shows the sex act and birthing of the reader. "The Story of Me". These books are being brought into North American curricula.

    Look at the sexual program in the US as well. Obama brought in a pedophile to educate the young on homosexuality. I did a piece on that awhile back and included a lot of the passages from the books as well as the flyers handed out to young men.

    This crap is porn for adults, kids it is hideous abuse. The stories lesbianism all were of lack of esteem whereas the gay boys were being "empowered in their sexuality".

    A long way from pedophilia? No it is all part and parcel of the same illness. I am sorry I ranted for so long hon, but I too feel very strongly about this. If ever you are seeking something along the perversion of our young, the Search box in my site will bring up quite a few articles brimming with information, links and imagery.

    As for that father, he is not the first father to suffer such horrendous misuse of justice. That Hate Bill no one bothered to fight against last year will give the perpetrators of such predatory crimes a cake walk from charges along that line.

    A woman last year, her child was raped by a man. She called him "pervy fag" or something. SHE ENDED UP IN COURT!

    Gotta go... lol... used up all your page already. Blame Mick, he sent me your URL. He is Irish, so it has to be his fault.

  8. haha, i know we irish we are a pain in the ass are we not? pfft thank GOD. thank you all of you for being beautiful human beings. much love. ap.

  9. As a thought sniper that was a clean shot to the heart.

    I have seen so many articles come to light recently, here, at nobody’s blog and aangirfan. These vile monsters seem to be dug into the very woodwork of the halls of power - everywhere. It cannot be coincidence that these rocks are being kicked over now.

    We have a nest of Vipers in Scotland. Please spread the word of Holly Greig’s plight for justice
    This is Robert Green's narrative for background.


  10. yes chuckyman, the holly grieg story is another one that cuts right through the BS. i know aan has covered it several times. these stories peel the lid back on how big a problem we have.

  11. Cheers AP. I appreciate your writings. Insightful with a human touch. Dublin Mick speaks very highly and with good measure.

  12. thanks again chuck. we'll get them with a thousand cuts.

  13. Noor al Haqiqa wrote:

    "Also it diverts public attention from the evils of the Jewish rabbis."

    Which is indeed fact, I have to say that with Israel on the ropes for war crimes, and Zionist organised organ as well as human trafficking exposed more in the alternative and blog journals; it is a masterstroke of evil to use venues purchased, or infested with Sayanim assets to use usually suppressed Catholic sex assaults as a diversion. Mind you I'm not in any way, shape or form dismissing the crimes and you know where I stand on a paedophile's terminal rehabilitation programme. I abhor these scum without regard to race, creed or religion. Rubbish is straight rubbish no matter the colour or accoutrements of the container.

    What I am noticing, is as Israel's war crimes come under closer inspection making slow rounds of the world court (not that means anything ultimately), their role in 9/11, the infiltrated spy networks, the lobbying (blackmailing and co-opting) groups, ecstasy trade, media stranglehold, etc., etc. becoming more widely exposed and known to the masses. The crimes and criminals are being pointed out, people are waking up and becoming aware of the who's who of inglorious bastards. All the while as Israel presses on, knowing absolutely no bounds or limitations to instigating a war with Iran. With their pit fighting attack dogs the US and UK ever compliantly aiding and abetting without shame.

    By nature and training, I examine all angles of reports, statements and focal point stories by running them through a vigourous examination and multi-faceted investigational vetting. Being at this endeavour a while, and also well-versed in diverse accumulated knowledge on high crimes and criminals, I see this sudden rush by the media to 'suddenly' focus (although well-founded and long overdue) in on Catholic religious paederasty as instinctually suspect. If you examine the exposure of Rabbinical paederasty, Zionist sex trafficking, pornography production and distribution, organ trafficking, illegal immigrant and child workers enslavement, ecstasy production and distribution, you may find possibly two paragraphs near the sports page on it. Just a well-sanitised story sans names or pictures usually, scant details and absent follow-up on any links or additional perpetrators.

    Ultimately it distillates to Cui Bono or "as a benefit to whom?" at this time, at this juncture. The papacy has power, the power to keep this hidden for decades and much longer, which is why previous to these recent revelations, they remained suppressed and largely under the radar. That papal power has been steadily waning in all areas of influence. Since there is no benefit to the Catholic Church to have these revelations come to light, and more and more of the membership leaves or distances themselves from its association, to whom doth these benefits belong? Who stands to gain from a sustained diversion of this magnitude? Islam is already under siege from all quarters, as are most every other religions, where opportunities are viciously exploited to pit one sect against another by way of false flag attacks and poisoned pens. Judaism the religion used as a vehicle of cover by the Zionists, remains strangely unaffected in this way, and immune from introspection, critical discussion and much less anything else.

    Yes, by all means route out every filthy, soul vacated predator and their accomplices and benefactors in the house of the Vatican and elsewhere. But take a long gander behind the curtains at the show going on behind the scenes as well. The mistake that those who've made war upon us have made, is thinking that we are all too distracted and well-diverted to multi-task critical cogitation.

    Cheers and respect again A. Peasant as I've added your site to my short list of favourites after reading your earlier posts.

  14. Also, for some reason, in my haste and well-knackered haze, I earlier failed to make the connection of your personage at Penny's site and your site here. A beg of your pardon is in order.

  15. no worries Hei Hu Quan ;D. i have several blogs so most people know my main blog twelfth bough. i only post here when my annoyance level reaches some unpredictable critical mass and then these little rants just roll off.

    as for the timing and sudden burst of journalism re: catholic church, there's no question in my mind that this is no accident. probably the church has been able to buy a pass but now all of a sudden, not so much. and as you point out, Islam has already been under attack for a long time. the CC is the matching pillar, and the Clash of Civilizations narrative is all about pitting Islam and Christianity against each other, and who shall remain standing after that?

    the usual suspects. i wrote about it here:

    this vectors into the Sabbateans, which has been another topic of great interest lately here.

    i find it funny how the CC keeps beating around the bush about "who" keeps all this "gossip" going. well hey just come out and say it, we all know who owns the media. seems like a food fight could break out any second.

  16. "it's totally normal to want to rip somebody's jugular out with your bare hands if they hurt a child. that's normal."

    No it's not you dimwitted morlock. I have "hurt" children multiple times in my life and there is nothing you can do about it and nobody will care. People hurt children for being annoying little shits all the time.

    "the society of normal people have solidarity about pedophiles. we hate them with the heat of the sun. even prisoners consider pedophiles the lowest scum on earth. normal people don't need to think it over it goes without saying. words are not needed because we communicate in that other space where things are simply understood things like right and wrong, and people understand that you keep your fucking sysalais and your filthy hands and cameras and minds away from little children at all times."

    Ok. Sysalais (penis?) and hands I sort of get. Cameras too. But minds? Are you mentally retarded you cripple?

    I'm sure you will deem this as a "2D" thing but pedos don't choose to be pedophiles. It is something beyond their control. In fact, many pedos were just molested as children and turned out that way for this reason.

    You cannot hate pedos for being pedos for the same reason that you cannot hate a 7 foot guy for being tall. There is nothing he (she?) can do about it.

    The only way this statement could make sense is if you define pedo as child molester. In that case, yeah, you might have a point. But what if your child ended up becoming a pedo. What then, you wannabe hardass?

  17. It is normal to spray bullets in kikes like that. In the end of a day though, pedos are merely twisted perverts, that aren't necessarily amoral psychopaths. I'm sure there exist sick fucks who realize that fulfilling their demented sexuality would entail doing filthy immoral things that are pretty much unforgivable. I don't hate THOSE "with the heat of the sun".

  18. the society of normal people have solidarity about pedophiles. we hate them with the heat of the sun. even prisoners consider pedophiles the lowest scum on earth. normal people don't need to think it over it goes without saying. words are not needed because we communicate in that other space where things are simply understood things like right and wrong, and people understand that you keep your fucking sysalais and your filthy hands and cameras and minds away from little children at all times."
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