Tuesday, November 3, 2009

the power of witness

let's say something happens to you, something strange. let's say you saw a ufo or something, no that never happened to me i'm just giving you a good example. would anyone believe you? ok a few people would but you probably wouldn't know them you'd have to go hunt them down on the intertubes, find your peeps and join a yahoo group or something. most likely the people you live with and work with would think you a little daft because they've never seen a ufo it's rare laduh.

unless of course one of them was with you. then you would have a witness. and if you and the witness both agreed that yes indeed the aliens landed in the back yard and their spaceship smelled like salami and they wore shiny purple suits and spoke with french accents like jacques pepin or something, well as long as you had a witness there would be one person on earth who wouldn't think you totally crazy. and that would mean a lot to you having seen what you saw. because when it's over nobody will believe you and don't you know it, and you might start to question your own sanity after a while and wonder if you dreamt the whole thing or the nsa is fucking with you or something.

so i was thinking about all the crazy stuff i see in my internet travels, a lot of it i blog about i sure do spend a lot of time blogging and occasionally i wonder why do i do this does anyone care, and i realized that i am simply being a witness. and you know what? that counts. that is a valuable service to provide to people who are being hurt. even if you can't necessarily do anything else you can say yes, i saw that. i saw what they did. you are not crazy. i saw the murder the corruption the coverup the stealing the symbolism the rape the abuse the lying. i saw it too it really happened and i promise you i won't forget. and if they ever ask me i will say yes, i saw it with my own eyes i saw what you did. and if you want to kill me erase me imprison me stop me you can try, but there are other witnesses to whatever you do. we will witness for each other until so many eyes stare at you that you can't hide anymore.

and it's so easy. all you have to do is look, and watch, and believe your own eyes comprehend what you see before you. shut out the sound if you need to just read in silence read the words let them register go back over them until you see what they say. slow down and understand. witness for your fellow human beings believe their tales of woe at the hands of the powerful and they will witness for you. especially believe the children who are precious and who have no reason to lie about powerful people hurting them. they have no reason to lie only the powerful have such motivations. and in this way we shall deliver each other from evil.


  1. Yes the universe does not forget. Everything done and to be done is known.

  2. absolutely right, and payback will be a bitch.