Wednesday, November 11, 2009

of kings

that princess diana she was something wasn't she? i'm not so much for paying attention to the royals and all that kind of stuff but have been paying more attention lately, not necessarily to the british ones but to royalty in general. for as i'm realizing that one of the great mindfucks we've all been treated to is this idea that the royal families are somehow superfluous because they have no political power. therefore don't waste your time watching them. tremendous mind-staggering wealth aside...they have no "political" power wink wink wink.

course not. they don't need any. politics would be for the entertainment and distraction of the common folks and meanwhile the royal families live pleasant and relaxing lives enjoying privacy and wealth and privilege, and by the way they absolutely take all the bloodline business dead serious and that's why they don't go around marrying commoners, it means renouncing rights to thrones and things like that. so it happens but probably not a decision to take lightly.

so while we're all paying attention to the nimrods playing politics all these royal cousins are doing what exactly? well who knows. they enjoy privacy but something lately tells me there's a fight or something on amongst them and given their prodigious wealth sloshing around in the system we feel some effects of this but it's damn hard to tell what's going on. but like the princess and the pea my delicate senses tell me that a disturbance lurks deep beneath many mattresses and i advise you all to look in those directions wherever the princes and kings and queens move about with their ribbons and tassels and jewels and symbols, look there for the clues for they harbor ancient grievances and claims which they nurse with unreasonable passions.

it would be nice to have a king to rule over the world with justice and benevolence. i have longed for such a thing many times but human beings fail at the task. there's only one king who ever walked this earth who was then and remains today worthy to serve and that is Jesus the Son of God. allegiance to any other will end in disaster.

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