Sunday, January 10, 2010

i pick you

i have followed politics my whole life you could say it is a family disease. i am not sure why we have this affliction but as it turns out i have observed a lot of politicians over the years as a result. and there is one in particular who strikes me as the most loathsome, and that would be joe lieberman. not sure what exactly about him makes my skin crawl it could be his nasally voice the simpering way he whines out the mewling words, and the words themselves always have some petulant ring like when a three year old has some problem and can't quite be reasoned out of it, except in joe's case the problem will be based on some lie no doubt or the perennial victim narrative he is so fond of. perhaps he has a dna strand for that kind of thing. and he blinks a lot maybe the lying words from hell dry out his eyeballs as they escape from his toady lips. i don't know but he really sucks. plus he has that imperious tilt of his head he is so holier-than-thou the honorable joe lieberman with the lie built right into his name. the kind of guy who parks his taxpayer provided car in the handicapped spot just because he can he is entitled and don't you forget it.

it takes a guy like joe lieberman to snivel out the words 'i think some people have to be held accountable for the mistakes, the human errors that the president acknowledged that enabled the nigerian bomber getting on the plane.' oh really joe? how passive aggressive can this guy be? he stands there, proud jew, in israel, the terrorist entity that refuses to define it's borders or declare it's nuclear weapons while simultaneously engaging in a sixty plus year brutal ethnic cleansing campaign against the palestinians and anyone else who stands in the way of 'the jewish state' and it's megalomaniacal plans for world domination, subverting the sovereignty and national interests of the american people and the people of the world at every opportunity, in perpetual deference to 'the jewish state,' and he sniffs about accountability.

you know something i think some people need to be held accountable too, and i propose we start with joe fucking lieberman.

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