Friday, October 23, 2009

it's a mistake to hunt human beings

A young girl and her dog looks out from a vehicle as she and her family wait for security clearance at a checkpoint on the outskirt of Bannu, a town on edge of the Pakistani tribal region of Waziristan, Thursday, Oct. 22, 2009 as they flee a military offensive in South Waziristan. Pakistani troops and the Taliban fought fierce battles in Waziristan, a militant sanctuary near the Afghan border in an operation that started on Saturday, with both sides claiming early victories in an army campaign that could shape the future of the country's battle against extremism. (AP Photo/Ijaz Muhammad)

she can see right through you, and so can her dog. you'll never get away. there's no place far enough to run to. people like this will haunt you until your dying day because they've seen things and they know things, secret things, and they know about good and evil. and their eyes stare with that dead level gaze and bore laser beams right through you God help you if you're hiding something evil you've done because you can't hide it from eyes like these.


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