Thursday, September 10, 2009

here we go again

this is gonna be quick. i just know that since we've arrived at the eighth anniversary of 9/11, i'm going to get passive aggressive chain emails and facebook dictats asking me ordering me to remember 9/11. the people who forward and post these things, bless their hearts, have most likely spent exactly zero hours over the past eight years doing any independent research on 9/11. they have accepted the official version and every year like clockwork they get to work busily reminding everybody to remember the LIES about 9/11. and i just want to say hey, you care so much so how much time have you taken out of your life over the past eight years to do some research about what really happened that day? oh zero? yeah i thought so.

you know? fuck. that would be so rude.


  1. Cheer up.

    The hour is late but we'll get through it.

    Very few realise that 9/11 timeliones still run and not where they think, or that the real New Pearl Harbour will pitch up soon enough.

    Heads up, I like your blogs.

  2. thanks, and i like yours too. thanks for the link. ; )