Tuesday, September 22, 2009

safety in numbers

a fortune from a cookie sat on my kitchen counter and it said humor is an affirmation of dignity, and i laughed because i am so flip about the most serious things and it's not that these serious things are funny, but the situation is ridiculous. it's perfectly ridiculous how far the situation has progressed. it's perfectly ridiculous that people who pay attention and understand about the war on terror and the media lying and the financial stealing and the treason, the treason of it all, need endure the indignity of being misfits in our own society because of our so called crazy ideas. it's ridiculous because it can all be easily verified, it's all right there, laying out in the open. look it up peeps, just look it up.

how does it happen that vast swaths of humanity allow themselves to be bossed around by a tiny group of people call them what you will i think satanists fits the bill with no particular distinction except their willingness and expectation to be the bosses? they are not smarter they don't work harder, there is not even an objective reason for people to behave the way they do it must be human nature that we seek for leaders and the ones with the biggest confidence game win. but it's still a con and it's still a game, and woe to you for seeing that you rude little thing.

so i can't help being rude can't help making fun of the fact that they prepare to kill more innocent people probably in the homeland too this time, again i should say, though there was a reprieve of a million or two other innocents who died in between exhibit a nine eleven and exhibit b date unknown but something oh-nine i guess, and that's just the ones killed by the obvious war activities such as bombing wedding parties. who knows how many die from lack of clean food and water and shelter or else a plethora of chemicals and poisons dropped from the sky or injected into bodies or dispensed by the lovely pharmacists at cvs. or maybe just died from a broken heart or a mind that couldn't make two and two add up to four anymore it kept insisting on being three no matter how hard they worked and how diligently they paid the bills. it's very sad but it's also ridiculous because it really was not necessary and all anyone need do is stop listening to lies but they don't. they don't do it something was lost along the way or probably it was stolen too.

so that's why i'm so rude, it's just from giving the situation the gravitas it deserves and it deserves none in my opinion. i'm sorry for all the suffering and by the way it would be different if more people had some god damned dignity and self-respect and stood up straight and tall and said with their own mouths Hey Fuck You to the people who screw us all day in and day out instead of leaving it to the handful. i mean obviously if more people had some damn dignity and thought enough of themselves and their loved ones to defend their own interests it would be safe to tell the truth for everyone.

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