Wednesday, September 23, 2009

adding value

you know there is a thing called 'adding value' in the business world. i know this because i used to have a job in the business world and i also have an mba from a prestigious business college, such a thing i refuse to use since business is so fucking corrupt that it makes me want to puke. but i digress.

anyway this adding value business is all about adding something valuable to something else. seems self explanatory no? actually you'd be surprised. i am constantly surprised how people do not recognize when value gets added in the blogosphere. sometimes it seems as bad as watching the talking heads on tv and then going into barnes and nobles and it's the same fucking people except now you can buy their books. oh hey great thanks i'm sure we need to make them even richer. and on the internet it's another crowd of people who get copied and pasted everywhere all they have to do is dash off a few lines and who knows how many thousands or millions of people will read it and pass it around. they could be great analysts and sometimes they are but you know all i'm noting is how the behavior of people is exactly the same on the supposed free-thinking internet as it is anywhere else. people with prestige from their former job or their affiliation with some slick online magazine or what have you, you say tomato i say tomahto, those people get more attention than they deserve because other people do not discern the added value part they just take it for granted that if so and so used to work for such and such agency or if so and so is the editor of such and such organization that he or she *must* shit cupcakes so let's read and share widely hmm? works everytime.

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