Monday, September 28, 2009

hold the phone

on one level we can talk about iran and what iran is doing and the IAEA and so forth, and we can look at the big kerfuffle over the 'secret' facility that isn't a secret because for one thing the spooks know everything before it happens anyway do they not? they're always bragging about that shit and trying to make us paranoid with how good they are so fuck them you can't have your cake and eat it too either you know all this shit or you don't, make up your mind already, and anyway for another thing iran volunteered the information, so the whole scene is a big cock up OK? everybody calm down for pete's sake.

on another level we know about the so-called clash of civilizations and the desire of a tiny group of people who want to rule the world to set christians and muslims against each other let them kill each other off in a big bloody war. now of course it would be most convenient for that to take place someplace away from the so-called holy land so that we don't have any unnecessary pollution wrecking things for the chosen people as they establish erezt israel on land currently inhabited by various arab people. that might be one reason why iran seems to be such a juicy target. you know the rule of real estate location location location. after all iran is in the middle east but it's not in the immediate neighborhood of israel so it's kind of like a big distraction over there allowing you to do your thing over here, sort of like having a walmart in the next town it's convenient when you need it but you don't want the riff raff clogging your tree lined roads. in fact iran is just far enough away to be problematic but that's a feature not a bug because that means that the US and some other friends of israel *have* to help and therefore they (i mean we) will be ensnared in the sticky spider web of complicity and this will lead invariably to many iranians and americans dying but probably not too many jews, presuming everything goes as planned. convenient that.

and then if you go ahead and read this which leads to this and this it starts to make even more sense and you get that feeling of oh fuck that is so fucking evil even worse that previously imagined so just hold the god damn phone a second because we don't know what's going on and there's no way in hell we should do one single thing until we find out. but you know nobody will bother it's too much work it's so much easier to just turn on the teevee and be told what to think and what to do and who your enemies are so you can just go kill them and they can kill you right back and then when we're all good and dead some vultures can come pick our bones clean.

but damn i'm sure it's rude to notice especially today since it's some important religious holiday.


  1. AP you gotta be ware those holidays.

    Good post.

  2. oh yes, so many things to atone for. well that's all squared away then so it's off to the races we go.