Wednesday, October 7, 2009

sea monsters

Jesus God i don't mean to swear like this but you know i've been reading news a long time and it is becoming nearly impossible to figure out what's going on lately. they have got some serious misinformation and discrediting psyops going on now, it must be close to something happening. for instance you read that ahmadinejad is a crypto jew and it starts making sense in a new way and the next thing you know the information pops right out of conspiracy corner and shows up in the guardian or something like OMG people ahmadinejad is a crypto jew. wow that was fast i mean since when does stuff like that just show up in the corporate media a few days later? and a few days after *that* it gets debunked. oh nevermind that is not true heh heh heh just a false flag false alarm. oh REAlly? limited hangout or what?

you know when you think you have a fish nibbling on the line and you want it to bite on but then it does catch on and it catches on so good and starts taking line that you start thinking hold on a second is this a fish or a giant octopus what the hell is on the line? somebody hand me a gaffe. too much mind fucking. everything they do is designed to put the dirt on them onto somebody else and discredit people who try to point out that they're up to no good.

it kind of makes me want to sit back and say all right you fuckers we're not fishing right now ok? oh by the way rot in hell for eternity where you belong with that satanic creature you worship, why don't you leave this nice planet here to people who can get along with each other and share we could have a nice world if it weren't for *you* nasty defective pathetic excuses for human beings. you're just jealous you're not human we all who pay attention know that's what's really going on you aren't human and you have no future except misery so you have to keep screwing people and amassing money and power because once you die it's curtains for you. but hey that's not our problem and you didn't make anything you just steal and destroy and that is an inherently unsustainable business model especially if you're stupidly intent on killing off millions or billions of people that you feed on you idiots but don't listen to me you can't hear me anyway i don't speak your language i am A HUMAN BEING not a monster like you. we're not chumming or fishing if you want to know what we think you can swim up to the boat from your fucking marianas trench from hell and try to scare us that way and we know you'll get the decompression sickness on the way because you're in such a hurry to execute your evil plans and you'll be some dead disgusting mass of gelatinous swollen exploded putrid flesh floating on the waves and we won't be afraid we'll just hold our noses start the engines and sail on over to paradise island while the seagulls and terns and minnows eat your remains. losers. pfft.

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